About Us

Totnosh provides creative cookery classes for little chefs aged 2-5 to enjoy together with their parent/carer. The classes are designed to encourage children to take an interest in food and healthy eating from an early age and to learn basic cooking skills. We cook a wide range of dishes from samosas to salsa and greek salad wraps to gazpacho. All with the added bonus for mum and dad that there's no washing up!


Benefits of Cooking with Children

 - Teaching children to cook makes them more likely to grow up to be healthy adults

 - Cooking with children encourages them to try new foods.

 - Children are more likely to try something that they have made themselves.

 - Learning to cook is a valuable life skill

 - Positive cooking experiences can help build self-confidence

 - Cooking encourages communication and bonding between parent and child

- Cooking helps children practise maths skills - weighing, counting out and measuring.

- Cooking boosts focus, communication and motor skills and helps children to learn to follow instruction.


Meet Our Staff

Louisa McKay
Founder and Class Leader.

I started Totnosh as I am extremely passionate about children learning about healthy eating and gaining cooking skills from a very early age. I'm proud mummy to Freya and Ethan and love spending time with my children trying out new recipes for the classes. 


Angela Duguid
Class Assistant

As an actress, Angela brings a real sense of fun to the classes. She loves experimenting in her own kitchen but loves nothing more than helping the little Totnosh chefs with their creations and seeing their confidence with cooking grow