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Cooking class in primary school

Totnosh have delivered cooking sessions to hundreds of pupils in both primary and secondary schools in Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Glasgow. We can run sessions with pupils during the school day or after school clubs for either pupils alone or pupils and parents.

It is widely thought that poor nutrition and diet play a large part in lowering attainment at school. Our classes allow children to experience new tastes and learn basic cooking skill and it has been shown that children who learn to cook and start from an early age are more likely to grow up to be healthier adults. Involving parents in the classes also allows the learning to be taken home and gives parents the confidence to try the dishes and involve their children in the kitchen at home. One hundred per cent of parents who filled in questionnaires after our cooking classes stated that the classes have encouraged then to do more cooking at home.

“I was so impressed with the organisation. The classes ran like clockwork and due to this were extremely relaxing and fun for all. The children learned the names of food and cooking utensils. They gained quality time with their parents. There was so much fun and learning going on. This boosted their self esteem and gave them a sense of achievement as they helped cooked for their family,”

Headteacher, Lochfield Primary

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